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Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish plays the role of a radish father who loves and cares for the little radishes, his children. You face many challenges in raising them.

Father radish's work

A lovely and funny storyline where the main characters in the game are sentient radishes. Experience the life of a busy father, having to go to work while managing housework and taking care of his children. A variety of tasks and activities, including cooking, cleaning, shopping and solving children's problems. The ultimate goal is to keep the family happy and achieve success as a father.

Please follow the game instructions when you start the game. You will experience many small challenges every day and each day is a different challenge. Follow the instructions and complete them successfully. As you become more proficient, you can automatically do tasks without the game reminding or suggesting you.

The entertainment of this game

The entertainment factor in this game is very high, because it will take you to experience something new that you have never tried before, which is playing the role of a parent and taking care of and raising your children. The game also shows us that raising children is not a simple matter. From there, it shows that our parents are not easy to raise, so through the game, we hope you can understand and do things to make your parents happy with you.

In addition, you will also enjoy the game's atmosphere with typical pixel art images, along with humorous conversations between characters. Provides the opportunity to unlock new characters with different skills and personalities, enriching the player's experience.