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Dadish becomes a brave father radish looking for his lost children. Face off against fast food-themed enemies, and reunite with your radish kids.

The main character of Dadish

A bright pink radish named Dadish is the main character. He is a father and also a radish, the father of over forty baby radishes. Dadish often loses track of his children and has to bring them back home safely.

He has a very kind and friendly personality. He always welcomed everyone he met on his journey. He is very concerned about the safety of his children. Although he often felt frustrated with them, it was only because they put themselves in danger, and he was willing to go through any difficulty to get them home safely.

The work of brave father Dadish

Search for more than forty baby radishes

The main challenge is to find the lost baby radishes from Dadish's vegetable garden. He must travel through four different worlds, overcome forty challenging levels, collect stars, and defeat the ultimate enemy Lord Durnak to save all of his children. Each level is characterized by different obstacles and enemies, from fast food-themed enemies to traps and puzzles to solve.

Fight the enemy Lord Durnak

Lord Durnak is described as a bottle of maple syrup and in his confrontations with Dadish, he likes to cause trouble and create challenges for Dadish. Can this enemy make things difficult for this hard-working father?