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Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope joins Om Nom on his journey to collect the giant candy. The adorable green frog with an empty stomach is begging you to help it fulfill that wish.

Om Nom's only wish: Eat candy

Om Nom, our adorable green frog, is very hungry and his only wish is to eat a giant sweet candy. However, the boy cannot do it himself because the candy is blocked by a rope. Cut the rope and put the candy into Om Nom's mouth. Getting candy becomes more difficult when the challenges are also more difficult by adding some details such as bubbles and obstacles. They can be both an obstacle and a way to help you successfully complete the challenge depending on the direction of the candy.

Collect stars

In addition to the task of helping the green frog eat candy, don't forget to collect all three stars. Each challenge has three stars and complete the mission to collect all three. Collecting stars will help you unlock many different boxes. Each box represents a different context. Open those boxes to discover new things and improve your playing ability.
Collecting all three stars in challenges is not easy, you need a certain strategy to own it. Just feed the frog candy and you can go to the next level, conquer and collect all the stars in that challenge.