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Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is a simple but engaging clicking game that takes you into the world of sweets. The more you click, the more different candies you create.

Create a sweet candy world with clicks

Ever heard of those boring "push the button" games? Forget them, because Candy Clicker will bring a whole new experience! This is a simple but extremely addictive game that will keep you playing forever.

A candy can create many other sweets by clicking on the giant candy in the middle of the screen. You will become the boss of the largest candy store in the world by creating candy.

Activate the automatic candy generator, thereby increasing the amount of candy you own. The more you press the button, the faster the number of candies increases. But don't be too quick to be satisfied, because this is just the beginning. When the amount of candy accumulated is enough, you will be able to upgrade many other automatic candy generators to increase capacity. From there, you'll create a never-ending loop - press a button to create candy, then use the candy to upgrade another automatic candy generator.

The booster feature is the most prominent point

Booster is the support for automatically creating candy for you. Each support tool will have its own features and conversion price. The higher the conversion requirement, the faster you will earn more candy than creating regular candy. No need to manually create candies which takes a lot of time and is tiring, these tools automatically create candies for you even when you are not active in the game. Use tools wisely to make the most candy.