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Bottle Flip Challenge

Bottle Flip Challenge is a popular trend in the gaming world, where players attempt to flip a plastic bottle in the air and make it land upright when it falls.

Rules of plastic bottle flipping game

Based on this famous trend, it has been recreated through this game. You will experiment with flipping water bottles in a virtual format. Just move the water bottle in a downward direction by swiping the mouse or swiping the screen and wait for the results to appear.

The difficulty of this game is that there is no prescribed level for the water bottle to stand upright after being flipped, so you need to research the height when flipping the water bottle yourself. This is also the difficult part of the game and it is considered more difficult than actual play.

You may get frustrated with many retries the first few times you play, but don't worry, the more you practice, the more you will discover the pattern that will help you complete the challenge.
The difficulty of the challenge will constantly increase, which means you have to be even calmer so as not to make mistakes too many times.

Social network trend - flipping plastic bottles

A simple entertainment trend that has quickly become a global phenomenon. The game originated from a viral video in 2016 where a high school student performed a successful water bottle flip at a talent show, and has since spread around the world through platforms. social networking platform.

Make unique and skillful bottle throws, share them on social networks to challenge friends or show off your achievements. This trend has attracted the attention of many players around the globe and has become a popular entertainment activity at friends' gatherings, events and even in competitions. It provides an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, challenge themselves and create exciting and dramatic experiences.