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Blumgi Slime

Blumgi Slime transforms into a cute slime character, capable of jumping high and far to overcome obstacles. Complete the game's challenges successfully.

Have fun dancing with Blumgi Slime

Launched in 2023, the game quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community because of its cute, eye-catching style and intuitive, easily accessible control mechanism.

Cute slime moves by jumping

Entering the colorful world of Blumgi Slime, you will transform into a small, adorable slime. Unlike regular platformer games, the game only allows movement by jumping. Control the slime to move by holding and releasing the control button to make perfect jumps, overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line.

Before stepping over obstacles, carefully consider any unexpected traps. If you make a mistake, it's okay because you can start over and learn from previous games to conquer each challenge.

Diverse challenging levels

With the same number of challenges as Candy Crush, this game gives you more than 150 levels with increasing difficulty, requiring concentration and rhythmic control skills. Each level is a new adventure with challenging platforms, diverse obstacles and exciting secrets waiting for you to discover.

Multiplayer mode at the same time

The game not only brings fun to solo players, but also has a game mode for two players at the same time. Cooperate with friends or relatives and coordinate smoothly to conquer tough challenges and share fun, entertaining moments. Quickly invite your friends to play and challenge your chemistry right away!