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Bartender the Right Mix

Bartender the Right Mix takes you to experience the exciting profession called bartender. Test yourself in a new industry to see if you're right for it.

Entering the Bartender profession

Drinks on the shelves like Vodka, Whiskey, Vermouth, Tripple-Sec, Gin, Bad Ice Cream and more are waiting for you to mix. Create a glass of wine that will make the Bartender gasp in amazement and feel like he's entered heaven.

Follow your intuition by choosing the drinks on the shelf and mixing them in the ratio you want. To know if you're doing it right, watch the Bartender's reaction before the glass of wine is brought to the customer.

To know if you are suitable for the Bartender profession, the Bartender's reactions will reveal the results you want. Bartender's countless different expressions make you laugh. Some images include Bartender screaming fire, dying because it's too bad or fascinated, and many other expressions. If you want to see many different expressions, try many times.

Unlimited challenges

You can make as many glasses of wine as you have prepared, and after each time you see the Bartender's reaction, it will be time to receive points. Create a glass of wine that will make the Bartender react like he's entered heaven and maximize your rating. There is no limit to the time it takes to create a wine glass, and the number of times you can experiment, unleash your creativity in this new field. Do you have a natural talent for this industry?